The good news for us surfers is that the new range of iPhone’s are waterproof. Although it is not recommended to go for a 2 hour surf with the iPhone in your pocket it does make life easier for us beach goers who love to surf and take pictures and videos of our friends when we are out there. Pro surfer Kai Lenny decided to test this theory out for himself and took his iPhone 7 surfing with him for over an hour. After over an hour in the surf he claimed that the iPhone was as good as new but he did say however that the speaker may have been damaged.

Ok so Apple have never really recommended going for a surf for over an hour with your iPhone and they only claimed that it was water proof. The main concern when going surfing is that of course that you could lose your phone with no hope of finding it and it’ll become fish food. It does mean that you can bring your phone to the beach and not worry about touching it after bring in the sea and it should even be safe from bits of sand for the most part although we don’t recommend rolling around in the sand with your phone either.

If you are going to try this we recommend getting a refurbished phone as they are much more affordable. There is a huge range of iPhone’s for sale in ireland that are refurbished thus saving you about 40% when compared with a new iPhone. Just make sure that where you get the iPhone from gives you a warranty and that they have a good back up service. This is the most important thing when buying any refurbished product but especially an iPhone.




Are you always looking to get surf forecasts on your phone for nearby beaches? Or perhaps you are looking to check out a local web cam to see what the surf is really like, after all you can’t always trust the surf forecasts. Well for those of you who are not aware there is a great android app by It has has everything you can want as an avid surfer. It has details surf forecasts for as fat as 14 days out and it has surf spots from all around the world. For here in Ireland it has over 10 surf spots forecaster including two on the east coast with the rest being on the west coast and north coast.

You can also upload your surf videos and pictures and link them to that surf spot so other surfers can see what the breaks look like and check out the beach online. For some really popular spots there is surf cams installed which is really the best way to check out the beaches.

This app is available on both android and IOS. Most surf hostels and surf shops have this app running in their stop so you can check out the forecasts while in the shops. Some shops are now even projecting the forecast on their wall on an android box which can be got from TV box Ireland. So if you are looking to keep track of your local waves while out and about we suggest you check out this app.

We are now in process of getting the end of storm Callum this week and for most people it is baton down the hatches but as you might know us surfers are a strange breed. While others put on the fire and make a cup of tea during the cold winter we go and do the unthinkable…get in the sea! Unfortunately here in Ireland winter is the best time to surf as the weather lends its conditions to big swells, especially in the west of Ireland which is where all of the hot spots are. Sure you can surf in the summer but it is nowhere near as consistent.  That said winter surfing on the west coast can be quite dangerous and you should be wary unless quite experienced.

Anyway back to the task at hand. Storm Callum is hitting this weekend so the swells are looking big off the coast of Sligo. As you can see in the map above there is a huge pressure of swells coming in from the Atlantic. It could be the case that it is too dangerous to go out so sometimes it is best to wait until the following day when the winds calm down and sometimes change direction leading to perfect lines rolling in the beach.

Aside from that Sligo is a cool town with a great night life. I have been up several times and always base the trip around surfing during the day followed by going out for dinner and multiple pints in the evening. This time though I may take it easy as I have a wedding next week. I need to be able to fit into my dress and get my teeth whitened at Hopefully I survive Storm Callum first and have a blast in Sligo. It can be a bit nerve wrecking going out in  conditions like this as I haven’t been out in such high swells since last winter. If you don’t hear from me soon send help.



It is that time of year again and here in Ireland we are getting the tail end of storms from across the Atlantic. Many people don’t realise that it is the north Atlantic drift that keeps our waters from freezing every winter and that of most of Europe but it also sends other things our way. This time of year is hurricane season down in the Caribbean and also the south East of the United States. This time of year they get hammering down that part of the world and usually the hurricanes end up coming across the Atlantic due to the powerful north east winds that follow the north Atlantic drift. That is why this year we get some storms but they are nothing as bad as what they face across the water where they originate. What they do also bring however is big big swells and this is perfect for us surfers here in Ireland.

We often here that this is the best time of year to surf in Ireland and I think that is true. Not only is it not too cold yet but the water is still reasonably warm from the summer as water temperature is always a bit behind air temperature. The evenings are not too dark out so you can still go and catch a surf after work in not too cold water and awesome swells from these storms. Obviously we do not wish these storms to come just so we can surf but the fact is they do come every year and it usually signifies the changing of the seasons as well as the beginning of the surf season.

It is a good time of year to dust off the surf board again after spending most of the summer on a hoverboard. It does take a bit of getting used to the cold again but after 1 or 2 surfs out it’s all good and we can begin the winter surf season.

Dash cameras have become hugely popular in the last few years and it is easy to see why they have become such a big hit. Not only are they a cool gadget that you can have fun recording your journey but they can also help protect your vehicle against potential incidents on the road. So here are our top 3 reasons why you should consider owning a dashboard camera for your surf trips:

1. Security Camera when you are out surfing:

As anyone who surfs knows a lot of surfing hot spots are the target of thieves all around the country. Most surfing hot spots are in rural areas and a lot of them don’t even have proper car parks so you need to leave your vehicle at the side of the road. This is easy pickings to would be thieves and many surfers often report breaks ins to their car.

With a dashboard camera installed in your car you will be able to get footage of any potential incident. Many dash cams will activate when there is a noise in the car so you will have some footage to go to the police with after the incident.

2. Record the beautiful scenery:

Dashboard cameras are great for recording the footage of the beautiful scenery around Ireland as you do your surf trips. A lot of surfers like to make use of gopros to record their surfing adventures and with a dashboard camera you can know edit the video together with great shots of your scenic journey to your surf location.

3. Record your surfing skills (or lack of!):

In certain places such as standhill you can park your car facing the beach. This means that with a good dash cam you catch footage of you surfing from the shore. This may not be as good an option as a Gopro but it is a cool thing to do if you already or are considering getting a dash cam.

So these are some little tips about how we have used our dashboard camera surfing. Peace out.



Aileens is Ireland and indeed Europe’s answer to mavericks. Aileens is the closest thing to a perfect wave and it happens to be just off the famous Cliffs of Moher in the west of Ireland. Named after the local headland known as Aill Na Searrach (Irish for cliff of foals) it has been the feature of several movies here in Ireland.

Although not to be tested without a huge amount of surf experience and usually with the help of a jetski for tow the wave if a formidable one. At certain times of year it is known to get up to over 50 feet and has attracted surfers from all around the world. Ireland is now becoming known as a cold water paradise and Aileens is a wave that can help put Ireland on the surf map. For more info about Aileens check out surfing atlas.