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Take a Surf Trip to Portugal This Summer and Bring an Android Box

Published / by Sarah1

So the summer is finally here (well kind of!) and whilst that means good weather and is what most people look forward to, for us surfers it means flat seas. It is a good idea then to take for one of the surfing capitals of Europe in Portugal. Not only does it mean you can get great waves but also a chance to get some sun and have an all round good time.

Because Portugal is so south it is under the mid Atlantic rift which Ireland gets but it still manages to get good waves year round. Portugal has everything you could want from a holiday as a surfer. From giant waves year around to great weather and all at an affordable price. There are also waves for every type of surfer. For beginners there are some nice beach breaks which are perfect learning on and the beaches are long enough so that you will not be in anyone’ way so you can learn in peace.

For the more advanced surfers there are peaks all along the coast line which will require more experience. Some things to bring to Portugal this summer are of course your surf board, a spare leash and always bring some wax as depending on where you are going there is not always surf shops close to good breaks. I would also look at bringing some other things to make yourself at home. I always bring my laptop to check my emails and do some work in the evenings after a surf and never go anywhere without my android box which allows me to watch movies and TV from Ireland when I am not going out in the evenings. This summer the Lions rugby team are playing and rugby is not big in Portugal so my android box will be getting a good using.

So this is what I recommend if you are looking for an affordable surf this summer whilst getting some sun. Drinks are cheaper than Ireland and depending on where you are going accommodation is not overly expensive.

Don’t let the cold put you off coming to surf in Ireland

Published / by Sarah1

We have worked hard to spread information on surfing in Ireland and it still seems that Ireland is a hidden gem in the surf world. On a recent trip to Australia no one on that side of t he world could believe how good a surfing destination Ireland is. OK so it can get cold here but once you get a good winter wet suit and hood then you don’t really notice the least until you get out of the water. Generally a 5/3 suit is needed here which means the body of the suit is 5mm in thickness and the arms and legs will be 3mm which will allow for better movement when paddling and popping up.

The west of Ireland also has amazing scenery and on a clear day in winter or summer you will have stunning views from the beach. Summer here is not as good to surf in as the days are usually calmer which means less wind and waves but in Autumn we can get some great waves from the storms in the Caribbean which die off over the Atlantic ocean but still push some great surf towards the west coast of Ireland.

So don’t be afraid to come to Ireland and go for a surf. We have everything you need here including free TV provided by a mate of ours at as well as free beer before 9pm.



The best wave forecaster for Ireland?

Published / by Sarah1

A big part of surfing anywhere but especially in Ireland is predicting when and where you are going to get the best waves. Many surfers will know their local beaches and what makes them go off for example my local beach can get really good surf with a few days off onshore followed by a day off shore. It just creates beautiful lines and makes a really good surf. Of course not every beach is the same and many surfers coming to Ireland will need to check out a surf forecast.

My favorite one is as it gives loads of detailed information such a swell height, wind direction, water temperature (usually cold) and even gives a star rating for each beach as we all know big surf is not necessarily good surf. It also allows you to upload pictures and videos and tag them for the beach that you were at or closest too which is a pretty cool feature. We also have a gallery on this site for you to upload pics and tag what beaches they are from.

For surfers who want to learn about the surf in Ireland magicseaweed has a great write up on what generally makes the surf in Ireland go off here. So for travel ling surfers this is what I recommend as it gives the most information and is generally quite accurate. Another quick tip I have for people traveling is that I often bring my android tv box with me as when staying in b&bs and other accommodation, it can get a bit boring so this allow me to watch movies and TV in between my surfs!

Is Aileen Europe’s Best Wave?

Published / by Sarah1

Aileens is Ireland and indeed Europe’s answer to mavericks. Aileens is the closest thing to a perfect wave and it happens to be just off the famous Cliffs of Moher in the west of Ireland. Named after the local headland known as Aill Na Searrach (Irish for cliff of foals) it has been the feature of several movies here in Ireland.

Although not to be tested without a huge amount of surf experience and usually with the help of a jetski for tow the wave if a formidable one. At certain times of year it is known to get up to over 50 feet and has attracted surfers from all around the world. Ireland is now becoming known as a cold water paradise and Aileens is a wave that can help put Ireland on the surf map. For more info about Aileens check out surfing atlas.

In other news I picked up a waterproof iPhone camera for my refurbished iphone which I got off an Irish site so I suggest for anyone who wants to take pics out on the water to pick one up from them! Till next week!