It is hard to believe the May bank holiday has come and gone yet again but what a great weekend it was. Dinlost iphone in dinglegle was absolutely packed for the three days and nights and for a town of only 1,000 people living there and 52 pubs it was hard to get a spot anywhere. It is great to see small country towns booming like this and although Dingle is one of the top tourist destinations for Irish people it is still relatively unknown further afield.

Every pub was packed and had traditional music playing and great times were had. For those of you who have never been to Dingle we highly recommend it and maybe we are still on a high after the weekend but I would have to put it as my favorite place in Ireland to visit. The back drop of the Kerry mountains on a nice summer day would rival anywhere in the world.


Unfortunately one of our friends lost her iPhone which shows just how good a weekend it was. Findmyiphone is not showing anything but maybe that is just because it is in Kerry! We have given up on trying to find it and she went and ordered a refurbished iPhone replacement from so it’s all good. We would nearly return for the June bank holiday but there is so much going on in Ireland that it is hard not to visit other places. Kinsale and Westport are also on the list for this summer.

We have talked about electric scooters recently enough of this site and whether or not they will be made legal still remains to be seen. One thing is for sure and that is that it seems all of a sudden they are everywhere at the moment! Baring whether they are road legal or not in mind we have considered setting up an electric bike rental scheme in order for people to rent electric bikes and travel around locally or even go up the Wild Atlantic Way.

The great thing about electric bikes is that you don’t spend near as much energy on your journey and you can decide just how much help you want from your electric motor as you ride. This is ideal for people who may not be used to riding bikes or even the elderly who would still love to be able to ride but just aren’t up to the pace anymore.

With an electric bike you can travel a much greater distance so you could travel up the coast and charge your electric motor each night and be fresh for the next day. If you have your own bike you can of course get an electric bike conversion kit and convert your own bike into an electric one. This means that you can have it fully charged for your journey.

At least with an electric bike (also called an ebike) you know that they are road legal and there won’t be any issues. This  is still an issue with the electric scooters that have become so popular in recent months. Electric scooters also only have a range of about 30km so an electric bike can go much further and then be used as a normal push bike if your battery does run out. We think this is a great option for the elderly who want to cycle around Ireland but feel they are not up to it. It is a great option to have if nothing else! You can visit for more information on how to convert your pedal bike into an electric bike.


The electric scooter for adults craze seems to have no sign of stopping as now Galway city council are now looking at implementing an electric scooter rental system. This system has been implemented in various cities around the world with San Fran being the first major city to try it out to much success. Now San Fran is obviously a big tech hub but the city itself is quite full of major hills so if they can work there then Galway should be a breeze.

The adult electric scooters are perfect for Galway as it is a pretty small city, more of a large town really and there are not that many hills. The distance of these electric scooters is in and around 25kms so plenty to be able to get around Galway city at least and then once returned to a station they will be gin the recharging process again.

electric scooters for adults Galway

Several companies will apply for the tender of providing the electric scooters and stations and one of those companies is who were one of the first companies in Ireland to begin selling the electric scooters. As one of the first companies here to do it they have a head start in having connections with major suppliers over seas and claim that they are considering applying for this tender.

We think this is a great idea and we think other places in the west of Ireland should look at this electric scooter opportunity. Small islands like Aran Mor could be perfect for such a thing and with all the tourism in the summer it would be a major hit.


Are you always looking to get surf forecasts on your phone for nearby beaches? Or perhaps you are looking to check out a local web cam to see what the surf is really like, after all you can’t always trust the surf forecasts. Well for those of you who are not aware there is a great android app by It has has everything you can want as an avid surfer. It has details surf forecasts for as fat as 14 days out and it has surf spots from all around the world. For here in Ireland it has over 10 surf spots forecaster including two on the east coast with the rest being on the west coast and north coast.

You can also upload your surf videos and pictures and link them to that surf spot so other surfers can see what the breaks look like and check out the beach online. For some really popular spots there is surf cams installed which is really the best way to check out the beaches.

This app is available on both android and IOS. Most surf hostels and surf shops have this app running in their stop so you can check out the forecasts while in the shops. Some shops are now even projecting the forecast on their wall on an android box which can be got from TV box Ireland. So if you are looking to keep track of your local waves while out and about we suggest you check out this app.

We are now in process of getting the end of storm Callum this week and for most people it is baton down the hatches but as you might know us surfers are a strange breed. While others put on the fire and make a cup of tea during the cold winter we go and do the unthinkable…get in the sea! Unfortunately here in Ireland winter is the best time to surf as the weather lends its conditions to big swells, especially in the west of Ireland which is where all of the hot spots are. Sure you can surf in the summer but it is nowhere near as consistent.  That said winter surfing on the west coast can be quite dangerous and you should be wary unless quite experienced.

Anyway back to the task at hand. Storm Callum is hitting this weekend so the swells are looking big off the coast of Sligo. As you can see in the map above there is a huge pressure of swells coming in from the Atlantic. It could be the case that it is too dangerous to go out so sometimes it is best to wait until the following day when the winds calm down and sometimes change direction leading to perfect lines rolling in the beach.

Aside from that Sligo is a cool town with a great night life. I have been up several times and always base the trip around surfing during the day followed by going out for dinner and multiple pints in the evening. This time though I may take it easy as I have a wedding next week. I need to be able to fit into my dress and get my teeth whitened at Hopefully I survive Storm Callum first and have a blast in Sligo. It can be a bit nerve wrecking going out in  conditions like this as I haven’t been out in such high swells since last winter. If you don’t hear from me soon send help.



It is that time of year again and here in Ireland we are getting the tail end of storms from across the Atlantic. Many people don’t realise that it is the north Atlantic drift that keeps our waters from freezing every winter and that of most of Europe but it also sends other things our way. This time of year is hurricane season down in the Caribbean and also the south East of the United States. This time of year they get hammering down that part of the world and usually the hurricanes end up coming across the Atlantic due to the powerful north east winds that follow the north Atlantic drift. That is why this year we get some storms but they are nothing as bad as what they face across the water where they originate. What they do also bring however is big big swells and this is perfect for us surfers here in Ireland.

We often here that this is the best time of year to surf in Ireland and I think that is true. Not only is it not too cold yet but the water is still reasonably warm from the summer as water temperature is always a bit behind air temperature. The evenings are not too dark out so you can still go and catch a surf after work in not too cold water and awesome swells from these storms. Obviously we do not wish these storms to come just so we can surf but the fact is they do come every year and it usually signifies the changing of the seasons as well as the beginning of the surf season.

It is a good time of year to dust off the surf board again after spending most of the summer on a hoverboard. It does take a bit of getting used to the cold again but after 1 or 2 surfs out it’s all good and we can begin the winter surf season.

Aileens is Ireland and indeed Europe’s answer to mavericks. Aileens is the closest thing to a perfect wave and it happens to be just off the famous Cliffs of Moher in the west of Ireland. Named after the local headland known as Aill Na Searrach (Irish for cliff of foals) it has been the feature of several movies here in Ireland.

Although not to be tested without a huge amount of surf experience and usually with the help of a jetski for tow the wave if a formidable one. At certain times of year it is known to get up to over 50 feet and has attracted surfers from all around the world. Ireland is now becoming known as a cold water paradise and Aileens is a wave that can help put Ireland on the surf map. For more info about Aileens check out surfing atlas.