The good news for us surfers is that the new range of iPhone’s are waterproof. Although it is not recommended to go for a 2 hour surf with the iPhone in your pocket it does make life easier for us beach goers who love to surf and take pictures and videos of our friends when we are out there. Pro surfer Kai Lenny decided to test this theory out for himself and took his iPhone 7 surfing with him for over an hour. After over an hour in the surf he claimed that the iPhone was as good as new but he did say however that the speaker may have been damaged.

Ok so Apple have never really recommended going for a surf for over an hour with your iPhone and they only claimed that it was water proof. The main concern when going surfing is that of course that you could lose your phone with no hope of finding it and it’ll become fish food. It does mean that you can bring your phone to the beach and not worry about touching it after bring in the sea and it should even be safe from bits of sand for the most part although we don’t recommend rolling around in the sand with your phone either.

If you are going to try this we recommend getting a refurbished phone as they are much more affordable. There is a huge range of iPhone’s for sale in ireland that are refurbished thus saving you about 40% when compared with a new iPhone. Just make sure that where you get the iPhone from gives you a warranty and that they have a good back up service. This is the most important thing when buying any refurbished product but especially an iPhone.