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We are now selling Teeth Whitening Strips

Published / by Sarah1

We have recently launched a new website called bright whites which we would appreciate if you checked it out. We recently hired a web developer to do us up a small website selling teeth whitening strips online. After months of research which we kept quiet we decided to take the plunage and invest some of the money we have made here on something new. One of my best friends works in dental technology so has given me a great help in selecting the best quality products.

We will start off just selling here in Ireland before selling to the rest of Europe and eventually the world if everything goes according to plan. We have got our first batch of teeth whitening strips in and are ready to take orders for any of you who use or want to try whitening strips. They are an easy and cheap way to whiten your teeth and only take from 7 – 14 days to see long lasting results. Our strips are from a company called Azdent and we have partnered with them to sell their range of strips which are much more affordable than the Crest 3D whitening strips which are very good but also very expensive.

teeth whitening strips

The Crest 3D whitening strips will be selling for €59.00 and the Azdent strips will sell for €29.00 so there is a huge difference in price and very little in the quality of the strips. We would highly recommend customers try our Azdent brand of whitening strips first. Shipping will be €2.00 nationwide with an post so we should be the best price in Ireland for teeth whitening strips which is something we were aiming for without sacrificing quality. You can use the coupon code “logues” for 5% off your first order.