Don’t let the cold put you off coming to surf in Ireland

We have worked hard to spread information on surfing in Ireland and it still seems that Ireland is a hidden gem in the surf world. On a recent trip to Australia no one on that side of t he world could believe how good a surfing destination Ireland is. OK so it can get cold here but once you get a good winter wet suit and hood then you don’t really notice the least until you get out of the water. Generally a 5/3 suit is needed here which means the body of the suit is 5mm in thickness and the arms and legs will be 3mm which will allow for better movement when paddling and popping up.

The west of Ireland also has amazing scenery and on a clear day in winter or summer you will have stunning views from the beach. Summer here is not as good to surf in as the days are usually calmer which means less wind and waves but in Autumn we can get some great waves from the storms in the Caribbean which die off over the Atlantic ocean but still push some great surf towards the west coast of Ireland.

So don’t be afraid to come to Ireland and go for a surf. We have everything you need here including free TV provided by a mate of ours at as well as free beer before 9pm.