We have talked about electric scooters recently enough of this site and whether or not they will be made legal still remains to be seen. One thing is for sure and that is that it seems all of a sudden they are everywhere at the moment! Baring whether they are road legal or not in mind we have considered setting up an electric bike rental scheme in order for people to rent electric bikes and travel around locally or even go up the Wild Atlantic Way.

The great thing about electric bikes is that you don’t spend near as much energy on your journey and you can decide just how much help you want from your electric motor as you ride. This is ideal for people who may not be used to riding bikes or even the elderly who would still love to be able to ride but just aren’t up to the pace anymore.

With an electric bike you can travel a much greater distance so you could travel up the coast and charge your electric motor each night and be fresh for the next day. If you have your own bike you can of course get an electric bike conversion kit and convert your own bike into an electric one. This means that you can have it fully charged for your journey.

At least with an electric bike (also called an ebike) you know that they are road legal and there won’t be any issues. ThisĀ  is still an issue with the electric scooters that have become so popular in recent months. Electric scooters also only have a range of about 30km so an electric bike can go much further and then be used as a normal push bike if your battery does run out. We think this is a great option for the elderly who want to cycle around Ireland but feel they are not up to it. It is a great option to have if nothing else! You can visit www.ebikeobsessed.co.uk for more information on how to convert your pedal bike into an electric bike.