The electric scooter for adults craze seems to have no sign of stopping as now Galway city council are now looking at implementing an electric scooter rental system. This system has been implemented in various cities around the world with San Fran being the first major city to try it out to much success. Now San Fran is obviously a big tech hub but the city itself is quite full of major hills so if they can work there then Galway should be a breeze.

The adult electric scooters are perfect for Galway as it is a pretty small city, more of a large town really and there are not that many hills. The distance of these electric scooters is in and around 25kms so plenty to be able to get around Galway city at least and then once returned to a station they will be gin the recharging process again.

electric scooters for adults Galway

Several companies will apply for the tender of providing the electric scooters and stations and one of those companies is who were one of the first companies in Ireland to begin selling the electric scooters. As one of the first companies here to do it they have a head start in having connections with major suppliers over seas and claim that they are considering applying for this tender.

We think this is a great idea and we think other places in the west of Ireland should look at this electric scooter opportunity. Small islands like Aran Mor could be perfect for such a thing and with all the tourism in the summer it would be a major hit.