Ireland always seem to be a little bit behind the times when it comes to getting with technology and the electric scooter debacle is proving no different. The minister for transport has finally launched a investigation to see if electric scooters should finally be legalised in Ireland. He has given this task to the road safety authority who are researching how other EU countries are dealing with the sudden upsurge in electric scooters on our streets. We previously wrote about how the electric bike seemelessly integrates into our towns and cities usually almost unnoticed and now the popularity of electric scooters is a concern.

electric scooter

The argument for electric scooters are many as they are not only eco friendly which could save the government a lot of money but helping them cut their carbon emissions but they are also extremely practical. Many towns and cities are also struggling with the amount of congestion on the road even with the improved tram lines around Dublin. By legalizing electric scooters you are giving people another alternative and it will help relieve traffic for sure. Speaking about the surge in electric scooters the minister states:

“The report commissioned by the RSA outlines how there is no universal consensus in other countries in how to approach this issue.

“I believe this eight-week consultation period will allow us to hear from a wide variety of stakeholders, interest groups, safety organisations and members of the public which will better inform us as to how to address this changing commuter and transport landscape.”

Electric scooters are currently in a legal grey area but when traveling around Dublin you can clearly see that a huge amount of people have decided to go ahead and use them anyway. What could happen to these people is also unclear. Do they receive fines? Are the electric scooters taken off them? What happens is also a grey area so the police have largely just ignored the issue unless of course someone is bringing attention to themselves.