It is hard to believe the May bank holiday has come and gone yet again but what a great weekend it was. Dinlost iphone in dinglegle was absolutely packed for the three days and nights and for a town of only 1,000 people living there and 52 pubs it was hard to get a spot anywhere. It is great to see small country towns booming like this and although Dingle is one of the top tourist destinations for Irish people it is still relatively unknown further afield.

Every pub was packed and had traditional music playing and great times were had. For those of you who have never been to Dingle we highly recommend it and maybe we are still on a high after the weekend but I would have to put it as my favorite place in Ireland to visit. The back drop of the Kerry mountains on a nice summer day would rival anywhere in the world.


Unfortunately one of our friends lost her iPhone which shows just how good a weekend it was. Findmyiphone is not showing anything but maybe that is just because it is in Kerry! We have given up on trying to find it and she went and ordered a refurbished iPhone replacement from so it’s all good. We would nearly return for the June bank holiday but there is so much going on in Ireland that it is hard not to visit other places. Kinsale and Westport are also on the list for this summer.